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1.         Property Rentals and Leasing

JALITHS Properties has a team of dedicated Property Managers ready to help you find a qualified tenant today.

Rental Market Analysis

It is imperative that rental market analysis is not left out of research for anyone who wants to buy, rent or lease an investment property. This helps to evaluate certain factors to determine the rental rate to charge tenants. More so, estimating the amount of rent you can collect is important to your decision to purchase a real estate investment. Knowing how much money the property can earn in your local market helps you avoid unpleasant surprises after you close the deal.

Our Property Management Team is well grounded in the property management industry and stay update with current market rates in Zambia.  This equips them with the know-how to establish a market rental rate for your property.

Property Listing

At JALITHS we appreciate that as property managers in Zambia; we have to be competitive entrepreneurs in the best of times. JALITHS has dedicated Staff who handles our online marketing. We stand out tall and get the edge, beat out our competitors, and offer the best services to our clients. Our Team leverages the use of social promotion apps to stay ahead of the game, get more referrals, and market your listings. JALITHS integrates social media marketing to the marketing mix, and create killer social promotions become the best real estate marketer in Zambia.

We ensure your property gets adequate promotion and visibility. We will list your property in the print newspaper, on the JALITHS website and promote it on our vibrant Social Media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, as well as our Email Newsletter.


It’s a proven fact that finely crafted photos can be the difference maker in setting your properties apart. Well captured photos are best at showcasing the beauty of your property and it attractive to customers.

At JALITHS, we believe in setting ourselves apart and provide the unique so much sort after services in the property management industry in Zambia.

Our sales professionals take professional quality photographs for listing your property on the JALITHS website and for promotion on our Social Media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, as well as through our Email Newsletter.

Showing services

Our website listings provide a schedule when the property would be available for showing. In cases where this is not available, we can arrange for that. We are open to schedule our showing appointments when a potential buyer or tenant would like to see one of our sales listings. This service allows us to provide showing feedback to our clients.


Its undisputable that the For Sale/For Rent  board is one of the oldest marketing tools available to an Property Managers, but is still considered one of the most important, even in this modern day of online marketing.

Putting a For Sale/For Rent Sign on your property helps the news to quickly spread even by word of mouth-it can get people talking as the board is universally recognized as a representation of a property being For Sale/ For Rent.

We place clearly visible Signs on strategic points to facilitate showings.

2.          Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is an important stage of the property rent and leasing process, because it saves you a lot of money and many other things in the future. It on the other hand plays a part in helping other tenants in the same buildings concerning their comfort and safety in their own apartments.

The benefits are boundless. Overall, it prevents you from getting tenants that are known for being late on payments, and it can also give you peace of mind knowing your property is occupied by responsible tenants.


JALITHS Properties provides innovative tenant screening services in Zambia using an array of industry best practice methods.

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